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The stunning décor, comfortable ambiance and legendary food have ensured that Hot Griddle has become a much-loved place to dine in. Dine in the rich baroque surroundings of the original wood and brick combination. Our restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues, perfectly complemented by our delicious food and unrivaled hospitality. There are also 14 stunningly luxurious rooms – perfect for those looking to stay in the most indulgent settings. Lavishly decorated, our rooms scream romance with a capital R! Whether you stay or dine, Hotel Paramos Inn and our In-house Restaurant Hot Griddle is an unforgettably magical experience.
Located on Marenahalli road just 50 meters from Bangalore Central Mall, this uniquely luxurious and fabulously decorated restaurant is ideal for those looking for a longer dose of magic than what simple dining can provide. Filled with antique design, lavish interiors, a vibrant live kitchen, it is a truly indulgent treat. It’s the warm colors and the friendly atmosphere at Hot Griddle, as well as the way we serve our modern and traditional multi-cuisine dishes, that we hope will have you almost believing you are actually eating in the country where the dishes originate from. We frequently keep an eye to source new recipes and ingredients as well as for educational and staff training purposes.

We use the best seasonal produce we can find and the ingredients are carefully sourced from local artisan growers, breeders, producers, suppliers foragers. We are totally committed to giving our customers the very best products and fresh produce available, we cut down on our food miles by sourcing locally, in turn helping to reduce our carbon footprint and doing our part for the environment.
Our chefs carry experience in excess of twenty years in traditional Indian and World cooking. For those looking for a fine dining experience like no other, Hot Griddle will certainly deliver. All of the dishes that you’ll find on our menu are truly authentic, each carefully cooked by our masterful chefs. The produce we use is seasonal, Indian and Worldwide and of the highest quality. These wonderful ingredients, we combine with creativity and passion, giving you quite simply – something delicious.
The morning breakfast is served in the restaurant between 7:30 and 10:30 am, where you can choose between a continental buffet breakfast or select your favorite from the menu. We also offer healthier options like smoothie bowls and fresh

The brunch menu starts from 10:30 am and runs all day and has the best of all cuisines. The ultimate way to start a day out in the City, enjoy your brunch and allow our team to look after your every need, making this mid-morning treat a truly impressive experience.
Busy lives beg for quick, nutritious and portable food so you can get back to work while you keep up with your daily nutrition. Chicken sandwiches are a great staple but how about turning it into an Asian-inspired wrap by using sumac spiced shredded chicken, mint sauce and a lot of aromatic herbs.
Bored of eating at big burger chains that make the same stuff every day? Take another burger path. Our fresh mint infused ground lamb patties are huge but contract to normal juicy size on the grill. They’re fiery on the BBQ, so have a spray bottle of water ready for flare-ups.
Choose from classics such as Lamb Bolognaise or Zesty Chicken Piccata with Nachos or Fries or opt for a quick, nutritious and portable option of Chicken Schnitzel sandwich or the veggie cottage cheeseburger or even the mustard sausage wraps. Classically Italian, proudly Indian a simply delicious cuisine. If you have any special dietary requirements then just let our associate know in advance and we’ll sort it for you. You’ll find open and
closed sandwiches, warm savories, fresh delicious wraps and a seasonal selection of fruit juices, all packed with fiber, protein, nutrients, and flavor.

multi cuisine restaurant in Jayanagar

Get your caffeine fix with coffee or choose from our selection of the loose leaf teas. Fancy something a little stronger? Why not go for our expertly blended Mocktails. Our talented mixologists have designed some wonderfully cockle-warming Mocktails expertly crafted with a balance of flavors using local ingredients, for you to sample.
Our afternoon and evening menus showcase the best of Indian, Italian, Oriental and continental cuisines have to offer as well as some of the most accomplished cooking you will find anywhere. Expect delicious fresh seafood; gently stewed or cured meats and fresh fruit and vegetables ripened under the sun. Our chef sources only the most tender and flavorsome meat; all direct from local butchers. Our cheeses are sourced by India’s premier cheese distributor. Come and live the experience, taste the flavor and absorb the wisdom of multi-cuisine restaurant in Jayanagar, Bangalore.
One of the Holy Grails of vegetarian cooking is the meat-free healthy vegetarian Makiun ka bharta, nutritious, full of protein and that will vow your taste buds without hurting your waistline. What a great way for your family to join families around the world in a global celebration of flavor and nutrition!

Aroma reaches the nose before the food reaches the mouth and you can taste it. You know that you enjoy the food that tastes and smells good. When tender smoked chicken glistening with spicy, smoky flavor is cooked in a rich tomato orange gravy, how could you possibly stay away from this mouthwatering Bhatti da murgh? The time-honored method for making Chicken Chettinad is a perfect treat to your taste buds. This recipe harnesses the power of slow cooker braising to duplicate the flavors of fresh ground spices and masalas. This much simpler process skips the time and labor-intensive process of grilling and smoking, which leaves more time for pulling the aromas and flavors from roasted spices and coconut. There won’t be any smoke of course, but with these flavors, no one will even notice.
But don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Enjoy the Rasoi compote covered with rabari, comforting custard jamuns, creamy walnut brownie and a choice of ice-creams. And then there’s the stuff that dreams are made of the legendary Mango milkshake or Sweet Lassi.
We as a family owned business are fully committed to you our customers, we know only too well that there is so much choice in the market place, and that is why we endeavor to seek out new innovative ideas and products, to give you our customers something a little bit different.

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As you’d expect of one of Bangalore’s best restaurants our menus are packed with prime Indian and world ingredients, responsibly sourced and served with flair. From the Griddle Be in command of your dish by first tasting and selecting from a collection of marinations and picking a sauce that will come separately with the dish. Rather than heavy sauces, the Hot Griddle preparation uses marinades and unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, vinegar and fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, sage, and black pepper. We use no artificial enhancers or white flour and cream are reserved for just a few desserts; the uses of all ingredients, including these, are marked on our list. Watch our Griddle experts cook your dish in the selected marinade on the Hot Griddle in front of your eyes in the live kitchen. While you wait for your griddle dish choose one of the delicious booze-free mocktails to keep you refreshed and entertained.

Here at Hot Griddle, our employees are our people and our ambassadors. They are at the heart of everything we do and have been an integral part of Hot Griddle becoming a successful restaurant brand.

  • Breakfast

    7.30 am 10.30 am
  • Lunch

    12.00 am 3.30 pm
  • Dinner

    6.30 am 11.00 pm
  • All Day

    7.30am to 11.00pm

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